" After an abrasive first EP launched last year, the young duo Hoboken Division is now a component we'll have to pay attention to in this new guard." Bong Magazine

On stage, Hoboken is calling upon the electric ghost of RL Burnside's blues, Bessie Smith's soul, and the sirens of the Detroit rock garage scene lost in the lamentations of a Sovtek Fuzz. A mix between a dirty delta/blues set upon some garage drumboxes, their music and their commitment place them in the vein of undergrounds french bands, anthenticals and without concessions.

Formed in 2011, spotted during 2012 "Printemps de Bourges Festival" selections, and on the road since then, they release their 1st LP "Arts & Crafts" out on "Les Disques de la Face Cachée" records in the spring of 2015.

Arts & Crafts - LP (Vinyl 12", CD & digital)

1. Shoot That Chicken
2. The Mighty Mistress
3. Run!
4. Everything's Fine
5. Sugardaddy (the analog version)
6. Desertion
7. Late-Night Riot
8. The Coffee Song
9. Shake'em On Down
10. The Blue Devils

Released on May 2015 out on "Les Disques de La Face Cachée" records
Recorded in Swampland, Toulouse. Mixed par Lo Spider, masterized par JF Hustin.
Artwork by Jean-Luc Navette, inner sleeve by Nicolas Moog and Julien Louvet

A Night Out - single (Vinyl 7" & digital)

1. A Night Out
2. Devil Got My Woman (Original song by Skip James)

Released in December 2013
Recorded in Studio Ca Balance, Liège, Belgium. Mixed by Geoffrey Duthilleul, masterized by JF Hustin.

Self-titled 4 tracks EP (CD & digital)

1. Sugardadday
2. Out Of Business
3. Radar On
4. Happier Than You

Released in March 2012
Recorded in Dizzcover Studio by Laurent Lepagneau

Reviews 1st EP:

As a Blues Explosion who would have eaten Janis Joplin and Alisson Mosshart for the breakfast.
Indie Rock Mag(FR)

A voice and a breathtaking présence, and I weight my words when I say that Hoboken Division is reinventing the garage rock, a mix between Catherine Ringer, PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth.
Bulle Sonore(FR)

As a kind of offspring between John Lee Hooker, The White Stripes and The Kills.
Shoot Me Again (BE)

This emerging two-piece is bursting onto the psych and garage rock scenes with some dirty, grungy blues which seems to channel The Blues Explosion at their peak.
TPR Mag (US)


Live report:

we'll have to count on Hoboken Division for the next months, this is a certainty
Das Kuma (FR)

A real scenic presence, and tracks that get stuck in your head a long time after the show's over.
ADN Sound (FR)



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